MyConnect offers a FREE, no-obligation utility connection service to help take some stress out of moving home. MyConnect can organise connections for electricity, gas, phone, internet and pay TV all in one quick and easy phone call.

Independently owned and partnered with the best suppliers in the business, MyConnect ensures that their clients have a wide range of choice. MyConnect partners include AGL, Origin, Energy Australia, Telstra, Optus, Belong and many more.

For over a decade, the MyConnect goal has been the same; to provide the best service. Customers of non-English speaking backgrounds will also experience the best service over the phone with our free interpreter service and our in-house Cantonese and Mandarin speaker.

As well as offering an exceptional service for your clients, MyConnect rewards you generously each month for every connection set up from one of your leads. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership for agent, tenant and MyConnect.

Using MyConnect with PropertyMe

Once setup, MyConnect will receive all new clients directly from your PropertyMe portfolio. MyConnect will then contact them to organise utility connections. All leads sent to MyConnect via PropertyMe will be credited to the user who created the new property. This makes it easy to submit leads to MyConnect and assist your tenants with utility connections.

All connections will be sent to MyConnect unless the user chooses to opt individuals out on a per-property or per-contact basis.

Getting Started

To get started, must be granted read-only access to your profile. You can do this via settings > create new member > input and select ‘read only’.

MyConnect will contact you once everything is set up and ready to go!

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