A game-changer for property managers
Take control of your billing. Payreq enables you to manage rates and utility bills in one place – across all your managed properties. Receive digital bills from councils and utility providers in the right format – automatically. Say goodbye to paper bills and time-consuming manual billing processes.

Forget about scanning individual invoices. With Payreq you receive correctly formatted, authenticated digital bills automatically – reducing rework and fraud risk.

Your bills. Your payments. Your way.
Direct each set of bills to the appropriate destination (e.g. Payreq, Xero, PropertyMe or online banking). Whatever makes the process easiest. You also get to pay your way:

  • Generate batch payment files easily, straight from your software
  • Process payments through online banking
  • Set up instant card payments

Get started

  1. Create your free Payreq account at
  2. Select your billers, register and start accessing your bills.
  3. Connect your PropertyMe account or download bulk data files to suit other systems.
  4. Sit back! Within hours the billers will accept your subscriptions and you’ll be up and running.

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