Agents, like property managers, receive and pay bills for multiple accounts and suppliers. Payreq helps make Billing better.

Payreq MyBills allows you to receive and manage your bills from multiple billers. You decide which bills from a list of authorised billers you want to receive and Payreq MyBills will automatically let your biller know. The bills will appear immediately when they are sent. You will be notified when a bill arrives. You can see who they are from, when they are due, the amount due, and how they can be paid.

  • Register up to thousands of bills for digital delivery
  • The process authenticates you as a valid receiver
  • Self-maintenance to change or add property registrations
  • Select the PropertyMe integration to automatically upload bill data
  • Make payment easy with the inbuilt option of BPAY Batch file creation, or integrated card payment option for enabled Billers.

Payreq is an Australian company. We are ISO 27001 certified for data security and operational reliability.

Create a free Payreq MyBills account, select from a growing range of Payreq MyBills Billers. If you have a large number of accounts with a Biller, talk to Payreq or your Biller about how to bulk load account registrations for future automatic delivery.

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