Tasks, Templates, and Checklists

Stay organised, set priorities, and create consistent processes

Take control of your to-do list like never before

Set priorities to stay focused and meet deadlines

Break down tasks into manageable steps and track progress as you go

Create customised, consistent processes for the whole team to follow


Effortlessly assign and track tasks based on status, priority, and due date. Stay organised and in control as you easily identify the progress of each Task and meet deadlines with ease.


Take productivity to the next level with customisable Task Templates. Create personalised Templates with Checklists for your entire team to access and reuse, saving you valuable time. Enjoy consistency and efficiency without starting from scratch for every Task, streamlining your processes and maximising collaboration.


Stay on top of your tasks like never before with advanced Checklists. Add, edit, delete, reorder, and complete Checklist items seamlessly within each Task. Experience unparalleled productivity as you break tasks down into manageable steps and ensure no important detail is missed.

The Loop: Tasks, Templates, and Checklists Webinar