Resolve Consulting Solutions

Nicole is the brains behind Resolve Consulting Solutions, where RE (real estate) meets SOLVE (solutions) along with her determination in all aspects of life, the name Resolve was a given!

With over 32 years of experience, licensed as a Real Estate & Business Agent, accredited in both Residential and Commercial Property Management she has a proven track record of helping Real Estate and Property Management businesses achieve remarkable results. Nicole’s expertise lies in solving your business pain points, enabling you to create actionable plans, increase your profit margins, and grow your team with confidence with quantifiable coaching.

She excels at establishing intuitive systems that streamline internal processes, reducing the risk of human error and freeing up valuable time wasted on administrative tasks. Nicole’s keen insights allow her to calculate the base value of each listing, assess your portfolio health providing a treatment plan where needed, ensuring your business remains in the profit-making zone.

Furthermore, she is dedicated to equipping your staff with actionable training, upskilling opportunities, financial knowledge, and effective communication tools for both internal and external interactions, happy team – happy clients.

Clients have commented on Nicole’s ability to improve internal and external processes, streamlining their businesses to run smoother than ever before and her progressive and invested mindset which emphasizes long-term business and growth opportunities rather than transactional approaches.

As an accredited and licensed professional, Nicole offers an objective view of your business, with the ability to spot opportunities for improvement from a mile away. With Nicole’s expertise, you can strategically grow your business without burning yourself or your team out, creating a collaborative workplace that functions like a well-oiled machine in the constantly evolving Real Estate Industry.