PropertyMe Owner mobile app

Give your clients a superior customer experience

Your owners can now access their investment properties from their pocket

Save hours of admin

Improve your customer experience

Seamless communication

Access all their property information

With the new Owner app, your owners can easily access the information they’re after on their mobiles. Owners can view all their key property info, from their financial position to any upcoming jobs or inspections.

Lower your inbound inquiries with Financial snapshots

Whether it’s a birds-eye overview they’re after or a detailed breakdown of transactions, your owners can view it all inside the app. Now your owners can preview their finances anytime.

Preview Jobs, Inspections and more

With the PropertyMe mobile app, Owners can now preview any upcoming events and key notes inside their application.

Easy access to documents

Owners can now also access all their financial documents themselves through the app. This includes statements, bills and transactions. They can easily share these with their financial consultants.