Show details

Check show details to see more information on each widget. Switch from All Portfolio to individual Property Manager to see a list of active tasks.

Rent arrears

Click on the rent arrears widget to see all properties in arrears or click the insights link to view the rent arrears graph.


Keep an eye on your workflow by clicking on the tasks widget to create or complete a task, as well as attach it to a property and set a due date. You can also see how many tasks you have outstanding on the dashboard.


Click through to keep track of your vacant properties, as well as viewing your current vacancy rates. From the dashboard you can view how many of your properties are vacant, allowing you to take action.


Save time by clicking on the jobs widget to create or action a job, as well as notify a tenant or owner on the status of a job. From the dashboard you can easily see how many outstanding jobs you have, helping you to get a head start.