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How does Listings help me grow my business?

Gain maximum exposure
for your properties.

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Publish property listings to multiple
sites from a single dashboard.

Document Management

Reduce human error.
Save time and money.

With Listings you can:

Create a new
listing advertising
homes for sale

Mark as sold,
leased or withdraw
your listings

Print Open
Inspection Schedules

Create a new
rental listings

Edit/update a
published listings

Schedule Open

Publish and
republish a listing

Listings works for sales too

Spend less time hopping between websites and more time closing sales.

FAQ for Listings

How does it work?

With Listings, you’re able to publish and update all your property listings from one centralised location, inside the PropertyMe dashboard.

Who are listings for?

  • Property managers
  • Real estate agents
  • Leasing teams

What types of listings does the PropertyMe Standard Plan support?

Listings is a feature within the PropertyMe Standard Plan that helps real estate agencies and property management businesses gain maximum exposure for their properties. Supported listing types include:

  • Residential properties (All Types)
  • Commercial properties (All Types)
  • Additional Examples: Land…

All from the comfort of our delightful dashboard.