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Why choose PropertyMe?

The key benefits of using our property management software include:

Reduced costs

Data is stored securely in the cloud, saving you thousands in hardware and labour costs alone.


The automated solutions and trust accounting tools in our real estate software mean you’ll have plenty of time to focus on growing your rent roll and expanding your property management business.

Greater accessibility and security

You and your clients can access property data online in real-time from anywhere with our cloud based application. Advanced security measures mean you enjoy total peace of mind.

PropertyMe vs other property
management software & applications

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  • Transparent pricing
  • Easy to use, intuitive workflows
  • Fantastic onboarding journey: custom implementation plan, point-to-point checklist and priority support
  • Industry-first features including Listings, Bank Feeds and Recurring Invoices
  • Regular feature request updates

Other PM Software

(based on customer reviews from comparison websites)

  • Additional training costs and extra hidden fees
  • Lack of training and complicated navigation
  • Lack of features and limited innovation
  • Missing basic and practical features
  • Slow to take on user suggestions

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Frequently asked questions

What is property management software?

Property management software is a program designed to help property managers manage residential and commercial properties on behalf of their owners.

There are two types of property management software: server-based software and cloud-based software. However, the benefits of cloud property software far outweigh the benefits of server-based software.

Typically, property management software has trust accounting, maintenance, inspections, communication and reporting features. Learn more about essential features.

Why do Property Managers need software?

When you have less than five properties under management, using spreadsheets for property management is inexpensive and easy. Anything more than that and you would greatly benefit from using property management software to automate repetitive tasks and eliminate the risk of human error.

A great property management system like PropertyMe helps property managers stay compliant, increase efficiency, grow their rent roll and provide a better service offering to their clients.

How much does property management software cost?

We offer the most transparent pricing in the market.
The cost of property management software depends on the size of your portfolio.

Compared to other property management software systems in Australia, PropertyMe is the most feature-rich and cost efficient. There are no hidden costs and no lock-in contracts.

Pricing starts from $150 + taxes per month for up to 100 properties on the Basic plan and from $270 + taxes per month for up to 200 properties on the Standard plan.

Additionally, there is a one-off onboarding price that varies depending on your monthly plan. Learn more about our pricing.

Who uses property management software?

PropertyMe is loved by over 5,800 agencies internationally. Each day, our property management software is used by:

  • Property Managers
  • Agency owners
  • Real estate agencies
  • Real estate investors
  • Rental property owners

As a PropertyMe subscriber, how do I get support?

PropertyMe has a wide range of support options to help you find the answers you need as quickly as possible. These include:

  • Unlimited online training
  • Knowledge Base
  • Email support
  • Log a support ticket
  • Live chat
  • Answer bot
  • Request a call back
  • PropertyMe community

Is my property management data secure?

PropertyMe has enterprise-grade security to protect your client and portfolio data. Here are some ways we ensure top-level security:

  • Bank-grade encryption
  • Layered architecture
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Sign-in notifications
  • Sensitive alert emails
  • Granular user management options
  • Automatic lockout
  • Security in the cloud
  • Security audits and updates

We have been with PropertyMe for a number of years now and it is the perfect tool for Property Managers to do all of their day-to-day tasks. It allows their workflows to be done in a totally automated way.”

Brad Mchugh
Partner at Highland Property Group

Increase efficiency with automated workflow solutions

Automate repetitive tasks and processes. Data backups, software updates, end of month, communications, inspection planning, arrears, maintenance and bill management all completed in less time.

Performance management

Plan, schedule and conduct inspections all in one place. Manage your entire maintenance workflow in Jobs with clever automation tools to save you time.

Clever communication

Utilise our suite of ready made templates to create personalised emails, letters and SMS. Automate the delivery of these messages with customisable triggers.

All the support you need

Behind every great property management team, there’s a great support team. So with PropertyMe, you can expect top notch assistance when you need it.

The best part? All our support options are included in your monthly subscription.

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