At pmXcite, we give Team Leaders, Principals, Heads of Department and those PM’s who naturally step up to the plate, access to positive, online training and resources for their team to reduce stress and increase profitability.

With client expectations increasing rapidly, the way in which we conduct property management needs to be constantly evolving and a big part of what we do, is help Property Managers not only meet these expectations, but to understand what a client experience looks like in 2020 and beyond.

We have made our training available in easy to consume, bite sized chunks that can be absorbed in a group setting. And it’s not just the traditional skills we are talking about. Think a 30 minute “leader led” team session around using the right tone over the phone AND in your emails in the comfort of your office. We remove the barriers to getting started by providing examples and resources for the team to check out and suggested scripts to use immediately after the session. Easy Peasy!

The beauty of the pmXcite platform is that these learning units can be completed by your team on their mobile phones which means they could be upskilling while they are sitting in the car waiting for their next appointment.