Rental Heroes

Rental Heroes has built “Alex”, an AI-enabled chatbot that frees up property managers’ time by managing all the common questions tenants ask about their tenancy. Our property management customers’ are finding that most tenant requests are now being raised via Alex (and largely automated) which is reducing their email and phone traffic.

Example requests include:

  • “My aircon is not working”
  • “When does my tenancy end?”
  • “When is my next inspection?”
  • “Can I have a pet?”

Alex also take care of maintenance requests, enabling tenants to identify their problem using natural language or by using our super easy visual menu. Tenants are presented with self-help options to minimise the need for expensive call-outs. Alex is smart enough to take care of typical issues that arise in a property and can even identify if an issue is defined as “urgent” (per the relevant legislation). Alex automatically creates jobs for PMs seamlessly within PropertyMe and PMs don’t have to log into a separate tool! For urgent issues, Alex will provide the relevant guidance to tenants and provide the contact details of your preferred trade. And best of all, Alex keeps everyone informed avoiding all those follow-ups!

We’ve found that despite all the apps and portals already out there, tenants just don’t want to download another app. What differentiates Alex is that the chatbot runs in Messenger which on average 85% of existing tenants can access. With no apps to download and no logins to remember, you can benefit from much higher adoption rates compared to existing solutions. We also provide the option of a fridge magnet with simple instructions on how to access Alex. So simple and always there when your tenants need help the most.

And it’s not just tenants who benefit. Many of our customers have told us that landlords see Alex as a point of differentiation and love that the latest tech can help keep their property at its best.

So what are you waiting for, have happier tenants, impress your landlords whilst saving precious time for you and your team.

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