PropertyMe FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions

Have some questions? The answers may be right under your nose!


Who are you guys?

Pull up a chair and have a listen to our story. Having previously dabbled in the software game creating one of Australia’s largest Property Management software companies called Console, the founders of PropertyMe have years of experience building and working on property accounting software under their belts. The company was sold and they went on their different journeys, however after a few years, they noticed that nothing was progressing within the PM software space, as the same legacy products were still there with not much innovation happening. Not ones to leave an itch unscratched, they jumped right back into the software space to bring a fresh new approach to property accounting software. One that’s easy to use, affordable and accessible.


Where are you based?

We come from the land down under (specifically Sydney, NSW Australia).


Is my data secure?

As our product is online, we take security very seriously. While we can’t tell you exactly everything we do (because that would just be stupid and defeat the purpose of security) what we can say is that we host all our data on Amazon servers right here in Sydney, Australia. So your data is not being transported around the world ten times over. We also ask our clients to create passwords that are at least eight characters long that include upper and lower case letters and numbers. Take a peek at our security page for more info.


How do I get support?

As PropertyMe is online, so is our support. And we love to help in any way we can (within reason – we won’t give fashion advice or tell you what to cook for dinner). So we’ve made a special knowledge base filled with videos, how to guides and our latest release notes so you have everything right at your fingertips anytime you need it. You can log a support ticket in PropertyMe or via email and we will respond as quickly as we can. Still unsure? We also offer training to our new users to make sure they get the most out of PropertyMe. Did we mention that this is all included in your subscription? Well, it is.


How many users can we have?

Plain and simple, you can have as many as you like. AT NO EXTRA COST. You can also edit the type of access your users can have, from working access to read only access.


What equipment do we need?

All you need is a device with an internet connection and a supported browser. Think along the lines of a computer, tablet, laptop or mobile device.


Does PropertyMe comply with best practice?

We absolutely do! We spend a great deal of time ensuring that we comply with your local legislations. Whenever a change occurs to your local regulations, rest assured we will be on top of it to make sure PropertyMe is updated.


What is the pricing?

Our pricing is structured like this. We have pricing blocks, and whichever block you fall under you pay for. PropertyMe starts at $50 USD exc. local taxes per month, for companies with up to 50 properties. It then goes up in 100 blocks (for every 100 properties you have). If you have 78 properties, you would choose the $100 USD/month exc. local taxes plan. Or if you have 180 properties you would select the $200 USD/month exc. local taxes plan. We also have plans for larger property portfolios of 500 and more, so get in touch for more information.


How do I pay?

All you need to do is select your plan and then pop in your credit card details. The system then deducts the cost once a month, so you don’t have to remember or fuss around with it! You can also change or cancel your plan, and update credit card details whenever you like.


What happens to my data if I stop using PropertyMe?

Should you feel the need to run off to the circus, your data will still be safe with PropertyMe. You will always have access to your data in a ‘read only’ mode, so you don’t have to fret about cut off time limits or exporting all your data before it vanishes like Houdini’s assistant.


Have more questions? We can answer them for you! Contact us today.